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Hi everyone!

This new blog is specifically geared toward the every day happenings, and how to try to make sense of them. A lot goes on in the world and people don’t know or understand why. Many blame men (mankind in general), while others blame a deity (usually, God), while others blame the devil.

Being an ordained Pastor, I have my own perspective on why things happen, but my insight will hopefully go beyond what some might categorize as the simplified belief in the endless battle between good and evil that is embodied in the pages of the Bible.

I prefer to look at each situation and circumstance on its own merits, rather than labeling and lumping them with any particular group. I don’t particularly thrive in diatribes, but I will occasionally get on my soapbox – and you’ll know because I will start my little rant by prefixing it with [Start Soapbox], and then once I’m done you’ll see the corresponding [Stop Soapbox].

It is my hope and desire that you come by and read my thoughts and analysis. Perhaps you’ll discover that not all those who are Christians are necessarily just “right-wing fundamentalist bigots” as we’re so often labeled. Whenever I disagree with something, you will absolutely know why – I won’t hide with something like, “Because the Bible says so…” despite the fact that this is one of my core beliefs. Be that as it may, I always believe in thoroughly explaining my position on any given situation or issue. I also believe in looking at things from both sides of the argument, thus, I will definitely encourage dissent and disagreement with my posts.

If nothing else, I hope to promote the idea that we can learn to disagree in an agreeable manner. After all, we are all from the same human race, and there is no reason why we can’t be respectful of one another when we’re in the midst of discussing a hot topic. I won’t try to push anyone’s buttons, but I will confess that sometimes that does happen. Some of my buttons will likely get pushed too. Through all of that, I only hope that we can find common ground, and common decency and respect.

Thank you for reading – Ed Martinez, Regular Guy.