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Ok, so now you know how I roll with respect to conservative vs. liberal policies and politics in general. I tend to be more conservative – across the board. I don’t accept those who say, “I’m a fiscal conservative, but a liberal socially.” That’s a total cop-out and fence-walking all the way. Choose a side, and right or wrong, stick to it!

Well, now to the gist of this post: Why are so many mean-spirited graphics and pictures of the President and his wife cropping up all over the Internet? I find this to be egregious in nature. I’m especially appalled at the treatment Michelle Obama, who is our First Lady, is receiving.

Again, I’m gonna ask why? I would post links to the offensive graphics, but that would only serve to perpetuate their spread across the Web, and I refuse to do that. I’m gonna take a step out on a limb here and ask for something simple: can we be civilized again? Our country was once the greatest country in the world because we had certain things going for us. One of these was our self-respect as a people, coupled with our honesty, hard work, and respect for our fellow man (that includes women too).

So, how about it? Can we drop all the childish bull&@#$&!$@!(*& and start behaving like adults who live in a great country? Let’s have some respect for the President and his family. I’m not saying you have to like him or his policies. In fact, I strongly urge you to disagree if you so feel the need, but come on – how about the attacks on Michelle? Are these really necessary? By all accounts, she’s made some mistakes, but I’m not privy to their entire lives and since I don’t know all of the information behind what’s happened, who am I to judge.

I do understand that in many instances, Michelle Obama’s heart is in the right place. Everyone complains about her spending and vacations, but why isn’t anyone speaking about her PSAs (Public Service Announcement) designed to help others? She famously did one for Haiti, and she also did one that talked against child obesity in America. Most near and dear to my heart are Veteran’s causes, and she also spearheaded the joiningforces.gov initiative and Web site with Jill Biden, the VP’s wife.

The bottom line is we are supposed to be better than this. Let’s disagree, but do it respectfully, and without all the edginess that has crept into our society over the last 25 years. Since when did a dislike for a particular party or politician have to be so malicious to turn perhaps into hate?

I constantly pray to God that the day never comes when any harm befalls the President or his family. That would be the epitome of the downfall of America as a great nation. Make it your prayer as well, irrespective of which way you lean politically, and whomever you plan to vote for in November. Deal?

Thank you for reading – Ed Martinez, Regular Guy.