It appears that no matter what the majority of the people in our country prefer or believe to be correct, the courts – in particular, the U.S. Supreme Court – are more in the business of making laws lately, than Congress. Consider that last year a key section of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, and Propostion 8 was also sent back to California, which ultimately led to the reinstatement of same-sex marriage in California. In a previous post I’d commented on the interesting fact that these two highly charged political and social issues were, at their inception, enacted with majority constituent votes. I’d also pointed out how what the majority of the people in California wanted was pushed aside in favor of what a very small minority wants.

I’m going to step out on a limb here and comment on my personal beliefs on homosexuality. Is it right or is it wrong? Is it natural or unnatural? Is it love, or is it disgusting. Is same-sex marriage the same as heterosexual marriage? I’ve stayed away from asking (and answering in my own opinion) these questions. Why am I willing to take the next step? I’m not a journalist, I am not employed as one, and I don’t postulate myself as such. I am a commentator, and the opinions and views I express herein are my own.

So, here goes my response to those questions: If you leave out religion, i.e.; The Bible, etc., then shouldn’t you also leave out the government? I personally believe that other than a perverse sense of pleasure, there is no direct or indirect benefit to society brought about through homosexuality. The mere act of a homosexual bonding implies there will never be procreation. Ok, so they can use technology and surrogates to have children, or they can adopt. People can also now receive near fully functional prosthetic limbs to replace lost ones, or take medication to control certain medical conditions that would otherwise kill them. Does that mean that we can now just throw caution to the wind and be reckless with our limbs or indulge in whatever activity it was that may have caused an illness we now have under medicated control? Certainly not. Just because an alternate method of conception is possible doesn’t mean that society should have to devolve into an unrecognizable blend of gender confusion, all for the empty pursuit of pleasure.

LGBT stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender.” Now, the words that matter in this context are: “tolerance,” “acceptance,” and “equality.” My purpose with this article is not to sound bigoted nor judgmental, but I honestly was raised by my parents to understand that homosexuality is just wrong. That was stronger than saying, “it’s just not right.” No, in this instance my folks were intensely engaged in teaching me right from wrong. In the “right” column: God, Country, Duty, and Honor – oh, and yes, Heterosexuality. In the “wrong” column: Anything demonic or “devil-worshipping,” Communism, anything that shirked responsibilities or duties, dishonesty – and that “other” thing – Homosexuality.

So I’m “old-fashioned” you might say. True – and my parents were not religious, so it had nothing to do with Biblical morality. It had to do with AMERICAN morality. I will not say anything bad about or to anyone who is LGBT because I do believe in every individual being held responsible for their own actions, and it does not fall on me to judge. I just don’t have to like it, and I don’t have to necessarily associate with people who live in this manner – whether they call it a lifestyle or they were “born this way.” I don’t really care. I’m not on the PC (Politically Correct) bandwagon; never have been, and never will be. I am, however, getting sick and tired of having all things PC shoved down my throat by others who claim to be “tolerant.”

I am irked beyond measure because my state, California, dragged its citizens through an insane and expensive process called a constitutional amendment, with Proposition 8. The discussions behind this amendment literally fragmented our society as a whole. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I firmly believe we have two countries living under one roof. Being as equally split a nation as possible, and just shy of being at war with each other, I’m convinced that two factions are fighting for control of the entire country. It seems to me that the Liberal side of things has got one up on the Conservatives: DOMA is out, ACA (Obama Care), and now Same-Sex Marriage, which is quickly encroaching every corner of our once great nation, are in.

My question is simple: when will the MAJORITY of the peoples’ voice have power again with their votes? When will we begin to stand up to the PC minority who have usurped our courts just to suit whatever their position is today?  As it stands, the entire electoral process has become a moot point, hasn’t it? Here is what I hold to be truth; The will of the MAJORITY of the people ought never be allowed to be overturned by a MINORITY of the people. Period.

What’s next Supreme Court? How about someone who wants to marry their dog, or their parrot? Sounds preposterous and far fetched, doesn’t it? So did same-sex marriage and open acceptance of homosexuality 30 years ago. How disastrous will our country be now that the “MINORITIES” have more political muscle and get their way over the MAJORITY? How about legalized incest? Maybe we’ll see “younger” brides – why not, if they really love one another? Why can’t all of these groups also have “equality?”

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again — irrespective of what the REAL MAJORITY of the people want, we all know that he or she with the most money wins in a court case. What this has meant to us for quite some time is that the will of the majority will continue to be trumped by the will of the elitist and well-funded few.

Thank you for reading – Ed Martinez, Regular Guy